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Portable glass milling machine Introduction

Release time:2015-10-16 10:37:54

First, the characteristics and uses

The machine uses 220V single-phase series excited motor-driven, axial ventilation duct, high speed belt drive, with smooth transmission, low noise characteristics, all operating parts are made of insulating material, effectively improve the safety performance of the equipment.

The machine is small, light weight, full-featured, easy to carry, the operation is extremely simple. Not only can grind curved, curved plate edge, also can grind straight plate edges. Using diamond shaped grinding wheel series, can be glass, stone, ceramics and other brittle materials grinding. The wheel has a long life, shaping the rules, high efficiency, after supporting the different shapes of the grinding wheel can grind rounded edges, bevel, bevel edge (also called character edge), and other polygonal shapes.

Second, the use of methods and procedures

1, grinding straight edge: according to the relative size will be easy rail mounted on the glass, adjust the milling guide wheels, so that a smooth, flexible for reciprocating motion along the guide rail, so as to achieve the purpose of grinding straight edges. When used, first select the side to be ground plate thickness, shape grinding wheel mounted on a suitable mill, fixed rail, adjust the level of the position of the grinding wheel, and with the lock handle, adjust the feed handle the grinding wheel and the board edge contacts, and a suitable amount of grinding, and then open the valve so that the cold water sprayed onto the wheel, turn on the power switch so that normal operation after the grinding wheel, you can manipulate a constant speed along the rail mill for grinding. Note that grinding can not stop halfway, otherwise there will be a pause at the sunken phenomena, such as this is the case, they need a small amount of feed in, and then repeat the grinding once amended. Such as the operation of skilled, can not guide rail, direct manipulation of the machine can also grind more standardized gon. After grinding is completed, then put buff polishing, polishing without rail, just manipulate mill so buff against the board edge, the appropriate pressure several times back and forth, throwing to meet the requirements of luminosity to this end.

2, grinding curve, arc edge: no rail, just skillfully operate the mill along a curved edge grinding slabs, such as the Department circular, the center can be fixed to the plate center, so that the mill along this center circular motion can be processed into circular product specifications, processing methods and other steps the same mill straight edge.

Third, the main technical parameters

Voltage 220V

Grinding speed 1-3m / min

Power 680W

Host speed 8000r / min

Weight 5KG

Dimensions 28 × 15 × 24cm